Blossom Copenhagen

Leaves sterling silver earring

SKUSKU: 21919024

775,00 kr

Who doesn't love a walk in the forest, looking fascinated at all the different little leaves? So unique each one. "Leaves" are the thoughts behind this collection, where Vicki Zoé describes it as looking up at them through the crowns of the trees and admiring their beautiful contours and transparency.

This beautiful necklace is Vicki Zoé's new invention. She continues her beautiful collection with these earrings. The earrings consist of a chain and a beautiful leaf. In the leaves there are a lot of small holes, which give the finest feeling when you wear them. In addition, the ear hangers symbolize the feeling of what it's like to walk in a newly sprung spring forest, where the sun shines through the tree canopy and provides the most beautiful shadow fall.