Mix and match your rings for a unique look

At Blossom Copenhagen, the range of rings is large. We have both completely simple and elegant designs and wide rings with lots of unique details, and we therefore have no doubt that you can find a silver ring on this page that suits your taste.

It can be difficult to choose between our sterling silver finger rings, but fortunately it is extremely fashionable to combine finger rings in different designs with each other. For example, you can easily combine one of our minimalist silver rings with our larger rings with colorful stones and fine hearts. Your composition helps to emphasize your personal expression, so play with combining silver and gold, different designs and surface textures.

Find a hand-drawn ring in sterling silver at Blossom Copenhagen

At Blossom Copenhagen, every piece of jewelry is hand-drawn in Denmark with nature and the heart as a great source of inspiration, and you can always be sure to receive a piece of jewelry where design and quality go hand in hand.

Have you found a silver ring you can't live without? Order your unique piece of jewelery at home, and we will deliver it within 1-4 working days, so that you can quickly put your new piece of jewelery into use.

Do you have questions about our silver rings or some of our other jewellery? We really want to help you move on to the right ring for you or someone you care aboutcontact usfinally with your questions. We will get back to you with answers to your questions as soon as possible.