Underline your style with gold-plated studs and creoles

In the range you will find everything from feminine ear studs to elegant ear hangers and creoles. Whether you are into small and simple earrings that add the final detail to your look, or you prefer larger earrings and creoles that give you plenty of self-confidence, you will find it here in the selection.

If you have several holes in your ears, you can also combine ear studs with creoles and other designs. Our earrings can be worn as a pair or mixed and matched with our other earrings, which all share the feminine design with beautiful details. It is therefore only the imagination that sets limits on how you can wear our unique gold-plated earrings and ear studs, so let your creativity run free and emphasize your personal style with earrings from Blossom Copenhagen.

Studs and earrings in exclusive materials

When you buy gold-plated earrings, you get a timeless piece of jewelery for life. With us, quality and design always go hand in hand, and all our jewelery is therefore hand-drawn, where even the smallest details are meticulous. The earrings are completely unique and stand out with their beautiful combinations of gold and materials such as freshwater pearls, diamonds and precious stones such as cubic zirconia.

Do you have questions about our gold-plated earrings or some of our other jewelry? Then you are very welcome tocontact uswith your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We really want to help you find the right piece of jewelery for you or someone you care about.