Add the final detail to your look with elegant bracelets

At Blossom Copenhagen, we create timeless bracelets where every detail is meticulous. Our gold-plated bracelets are feminine and exclusive, and they can be used in any situation - both during the day at the office, for an evening out with friends or for a festive event.

Our gold plated bracelets are perfect to wear for special occasions such as weddings, receptions or other festive events, or to add an elegant and stylish touch to your everyday wardrobe.

Mix and match your gold-plated bracelets

Our beautiful gold-plated bracelets are easy to combine with other bracelets from Blossom Copenhagen or from your own jewelery collection. In this way, you can wear all your favorite jewelery together and create a completely unique expression that suits your personal style.

In the selection you will find our trendy gold-plated bracelets with pearls in fine shades. They are also very modern to combine crosswise with each other. Each bracelet from Blossom Copenhagen has beautiful details, and they are all designed in a feminine style that makes them easy to put together.

Gold-plated bracelets from Blossom Copenhagen are also perfect to combine with one of our elegant onesgold plated necklaces.

Give a personalized gift to a special person in your life

Are you missing the perfect gift for a baby's christening, wedding or for a good friend's birthday? There is nothing like a gift that is personal, and here jewelry is the obvious choice. A gold-plated bracelet is a piece of jewelery that can follow the lucky recipient through life and can have a very special meaning for that person.

In the selection you can find feminine gold-plated bracelets at good prices, which are obvious gift ideas. You can also combine the gold-plated bracelet with a matching finger ring and give it as a beautiful set that is sure to go down well with the recipient. See our selection ofgold-plated ringshere.

Find a gold-plated bracelet in the selection at Blossom Copenhagen

At Blossom Copenhagen, nature and the heart are our great inspiration when we design jewellery. That is why you will find a small heart in most of our jewellery, including several of our gold-plated bracelets.

Do you have questions about our gold-plated bracelets or some of our other jewelery at Blossom Copenhagen? You are very welcome tocontact us, and then we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.