Accentuate your personal style with gold-plated silver necklaces

At Blossom Copenhagen, all our jewelery is hand-drawn, and attention is paid to every little detail. This makes our gold-plated necklaces much more than just a necklace. The unique expression of our necklaces tells a story and unites the elements of nature with beautiful materials such as pearls, diamonds and several types of precious stones.

In our collection of gold-plated necklaces, you have ample opportunity to find the design that suits you and your personality. Regardless of whether you are into completely minimalist designs or a more romantic expression with several elements in each necklace, you will find a design that can highlight your style at Blossom Copenhagen.

Give a gold-plated necklace as a gift

There's nothing like giving a personalized gift - a gift that really emphasizes how important the lucky recipient is to you. A piece of jewelery is an obvious gift idea for someone who has a special place in your life, because the piece of jewelery can follow that person for many years.

At Blossom Copenhagen you can find a beautiful necklace in various designs, so there is something for everyone. Our gold-plated necklaces with fine pendants are the perfect wedding gift, birthday gift or anniversary gift. A necklace with a cute elephant, a beautiful heart or a gilded cross is also suitable for baptism or confirmation.

If you have any questions about our unique jewellery, don't hesitate to askcontact us, so that we can help you move on towards the right piece of jewelery for you or someone you care about.