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At Blossom Copenhagen, all our jewelery is hand-drawn. Every single detail is meticulous and every piece of jewelery has the stamp of a romantic expression. All our 14 carat earrings combine the highest quality with a unique expression. In some of our designs you will find sparkling diamonds, rubies, sapphires and freshwater pearls, while others have a design entirely in 14 carat gold.

The gold earrings are designed with great inspiration from the elements of nature and its organic forms with fine details. The heart is also a great source of inspiration, and a small heart has therefore been designed into the vast majority of our earrings.

Feminine earrings in 14 carat gold

In the selection you will find a large number of our beautiful ear studs in 14 carat gold, which have a timeless design. The simple design of the earrings makes them suitable for women of all ages, and they can be used for both everyday life and festive events.

The ear studs can be advantageously combined with one of our matching onesnecklaces in 14 carat goldor other earrings if you have multiple holes in your ears.

Give a very special gift in 14 carat gold

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelery for a very special person in your life? A piece of jewelry is a beautiful gift that can last a lifetime. It is no coincidence that jewelery often has a great emotional value for us, because the best jewelery accompanies us throughout our lives. In the same way, a feminine piece of jewelery from Blossom Copenhagen will follow the lucky recipient through many periods in life. A pair of gold earrings is therefore a fantastic gift to give to someone you really care about, who will be delighted with the earrings every time they are worn.

If you are looking for a gift at a slightly lower price, then also take a look at ours9 carat gold earrings.

Find your hand-drawn 14 carat earrings at Blossom Copenhagen

At Blossom Copenhagen, we are women who create jewelery for women, and you can therefore always count on receiving feminine jewelery in exclusive quality. All our jewelery is designed and drawn in Denmark with nature as a major source of inspiration.

Have you fallen in love with a pair of our beautiful 14k gold earrings? Order your piece of jewelery to your home, and we will ensure a quick delivery within 1-3 working days, so that the piece can be put into use quickly.

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