Blossom Copenhagen is Danish and located on Sydfyn. We are a small team of dedicated people who all love jewellery.

With us you will only find pure materials in the form of 925 sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, 9 kt and 14 kt gold. We do not sell steel due to the high nickel content. That is why all our jewelery is hypoallergenic 🌸

All our jewelery is hand drawn. and every little detail is extra fussy. As something very unique, you can find a small iconic heart on all our jewellery.

Blossom Copenhagen was created by Christina Elbro in 2015, and in 2021 Tina Termansen took over the role of designer. A trustworthy universe for all our jewelery – where quality and expression go hand in hand.

Completely in Christina's spirit, Tina also collaborates with skilled jewelers and model makers who help to create the unique and romantic expression that characterizes our collections.

The elements of nature united with pearls, diamonds, zircons and various precious stones tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, rose quartz, agate, moonstone, pherite and many more. All made with the heart as the main inspiration, and as a general rule, a small heart is designed in most jewelry - some more hidden than others. Blossom Copenhagen is a timeless collection, with a wealth of beautiful details.                              

Show your love - and let it BLOSSOM 🌸