At Blossom Copenhagen you can now safely buy via VIABILL .

Through VIABILL, you can split your payments into smaller chunks:

Pay with ViaBill, save money and pay back continuously.

ViaBill is easy to use with us. It takes place in 3 easy steps.

  1. Checkout:
    When you are asked to choose a payment method at checkout, you can see here whether ViaBill is a possible solution. If you find ViaBill among the options, you naturally choose this one.
  2. Approval:
    After choosing ViaBill, you must enter personal information such as email, phone number, credit card info, after which you will be approved in just a few seconds (if you are not registered in RKI).
  3. Settlement:

    You can borrow up to DKK 2,000 completely interest- and fee-free. All you have to do is pay your fixed installment every 20th of the month (for up to 24 months) in accordance with ViaBill's terms.

    You also have the option of borrowing over DKK 2,000 (up to DKK 20,000) at normal market interest rates.

    You can read more about ViaBill's scheme here: Get to know ViaBill | ViaBill DK
    If you want to read their trading conditions, they can be seen here: ViaBill - ViaBill

    If you have questions about the installment plan, please contact ViaBill directly. This can be done on tel. 88 826 826

Why use VIABILL with us? At Blossom Copenhagen you will find everything from simple silver jewelery to extremely exclusive 14 gold jewelery in the best quality. As we want our customers to have the best possible buying experience, it is important that we can offer the best and safest payment solutions.