Hand drawn earrings with a personal heart

We pay great attention to detail when designing earrings and take pains to create jewelry that is both comfortable to wear while being unique and beautiful. We really just want to create your new favorite earrings.

Our ear hangers are more than just accessories. We want to make them part of your personal style and expression. The timeless design makes it possible to use ear hangers for any occasion. Whether it's for everyday wear or for a formal event, our dangle earrings will always be the perfect choice.

In each earring you can find a small but meaningful detail that makes each earring completely special. An iconic heart, engraved on each earring, symbolizes more than just a decoration – it is a sign of our dedication to each piece of jewelry.

Timeless ear hangers in Danish design

Our ear hangers are genuine, Danish design - a good combination of simple, smart and beautiful. It is important to us that the quality is top notch, which is why all our earrings are made of pure materials in the form of 925 sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, 9 carat gold and 14 carat gold. We have deliberately avoided making ear hangers from steel, as they have a high nickel content. All our silver and gold earrings are hypoallergenic, so you can safely wear the unique earrings every day.

We love the timeless design of our earrings, and it is important to us to create earrings that never go out of style. When we design our gold earrings and silver earrings, it is with an awareness of creating jewelry in simple, unique designs that will be beautiful for many years to come.

Our earrings are created from the elements of nature with pearls, diamonds, zircons and various precious stones such as tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, rose quartz, agate, moonstone, pherite and many more. We carefully select each and every gemstone to create jewelry that reflects nature's beauty and unique expression.

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Find your earring at Blossom Copenhagen and get free shipping

Whether you prefer simple and elegant earrings or earrings with more eye-catching details, our collection will have something to suit you. Our earrings combine the elements of nature with timeless beauty and a modern expression, so you can enjoy the earrings for many years to come. When you buy earrings from us, you get beautiful jewelery at good prices.

We offer free shipping when you choose a pair of ear hangers from us (however, this does not apply to ear hangers on offer for less than DKK 295). If you have any questions about our earrings or other jewellery, you are very welcome tocontact us. We would love to answer your questions and guide you towards the right piece of jewelery for you or someone you love.