Long earrings with natural, hand-selected gemstones and pearls

It is important to us to create jewelery made from natural materials - and this also applies to the long earrings. Each gemstone and pearl is carefully selected to find the perfect match for our designs.

Among the selection of long ear pendants you will find a number of natural gemstones, each of which brings with it its own unique character and play of colour. From the intense blue topaz to the elegant green peridot and natural white freshwater pearls - we absolutely love the beautiful tones.

When you wear our long earrings, you not only carry a piece of jewelry, but also a piece of nature with you. Each gemstone has its own history, formed over millennia by natural processes. The colorful palette of gemstones allows you to choose the long earrings that best suit your style and personality.

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Beautiful long earrings in gold and silver

Long earrings are a great piece of jewelry that are very popular these days. Long earrings add elegance and style to any look. The extended length of the earrings immediately catches the eye and adds a feminine touch to both formal and more casual events.

We have both long earrings in gold and silver that are designed with care and attention to detail. We often say that we are women who design jewelery for women, and in our selection of long earrings you will therefore find the designs we love the most. For us, the timeless design and romantic expression are important, and we are very particular about the good, Danish quality and choosing every single stone and pearl with care. We create beautiful, long earrings at good prices, where everyone can join.

Long earrings at Blossom Copenhagen with free shipping

Our beautiful long earrings are created to accentuate your natural elegance and add a feminine touch to your style. The long earrings in gold and silver are the result of careful design and love for details, which create a unique aesthetic.

When you choose long earrings from us, you get free shipping (except for offers under DKK 295). If you have any questions regarding our long earrings or other jewelry choices, you are more than welcome tocontact us. We are available to answer your questions and guide you in the direction of the perfect jewelry choice, either for yourself or for someone you care about.